Shooting pad



Original shooting pad made from highly durable materials. Indispensable equipment not only for outdoor shooters. The bottom layer is rubberised, a plastic foam filling, a top layer of Cordura. The front part has a practical folding window with a transparent foil for the placement of ballistic tables and other aids.

Quality pad for greater comfort in extreme conditions.

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The shooting pad is made of highly durable materials and tested by dozens of sport shooters.

The bottom layer is rubberised to protect the shooter from moisture when shooting in wet or snowy conditions. The inner layer is made from plastic foam, for comfort when shooting on a stony surface. A Cordura top layer with camouflaging pattern.

The weather will no longer disturb your training, recreational shooting or taking part in a race and the wet or muddy terrain will not derail you. The shooting pad increases the comfort of shooting in the field, on stony ground and snow.

The pad can be easily folded to one-quarter of its size and conveniently moved thanks to two tight-fitting tabs. Also included is a long detachable shoulder strap.

The front part is completed with a practical foldable cover window which for example, is suitable for a ballistic table.

Main advantages

  • High quality and very accurate processing
  • Made from very durable material

Technical parameters


  • Height 1700 mm (5.57 ft.)
  • Width 700 mm (2.29 ft.)


  • Width 420 mm (1.37 ft.)
  • Height 700 mm (2.29 ft.)

Document window size:

  • Width 227 mm (0.74 ft.)
  • Height 150 mm (0.49 ft.)

Package contains

  • 1 pcs Shooting Pad
  • 1 pcs Removable carry strap

Tactical EVO, a great choice for your precise shooting.

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Shooting pad

Shooting pad


  • high measuring accuracy
  • proven solution
  • safe operation
  • recommended shooters


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